Joining the band

New players

We currently have vacancies for cornets and, E flat and B flat basses, and welcome enquiries from all brass and percussion instrumentalists. Please get in touch if you are interested (details below).

We’re a strong, all-round band, so we’re always looking for new players in all sections to join us and have fun making music together. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere means that players of all abilities enjoy playing with the band, so please come along to a rehearsal: if you’re an experienced player, if you’re looking to move to a different instrument, if you’re coming back to banding after a break, or even if you’re not very confident yet.

Opportunities to play

We have a busy calendar every year, so there are plenty of opportunities to play out. We deliberately keep a varied programme, so there’s sure to be some music to your taste: some of our engagements are outdoors, with new and traditional marches, show-tunes, some rock and pop arrangements, and other crowd-pleasers. Two or three times a year, we play a big evening concert, often with trickier pieces composed for the specific event and venue. Although we’re easy-going, we always strive to play our best for the audience, and to give a professional performance.

All work and no play…

We believe that banding is more than just making music: there’s a strong social angle to the band as well. After each rehearsal many band members retire to the local hostelry, and the committee regularly arranges band socials. In addition, at Easter of each odd-numbered year the band travels to Cambridge’s twin town of Heidelberg, Germany, to join our partner band of Orchesterverein-Heidelberg-Handschusheim and play together as part of the Cambridge-Heidelberg Partnership Association. In the even-numbered years, our German friends return the compliment by joining us here in Cambridge.

But I’m a beginner…

For beginners, younger players, and those who haven’t played for a while, we sometimes run a training band that rehearses immediately before the senior band. The training band plays out at concerts too, and some players do play in both bands. If you are unsure whether you are at a high enough standard to play with the band, please get in touch to discuss possibilities.

What next?

Come along to a rehearsal and see for yourself! Rehearsals are on Monday evenings in Arbury Commnity Centre, Campkin Road, Cambridge, arriving at 7:30 to start 7:45. The rehearsal finishes around 9:45 with a tea break in the middle.

Do please contact us at before you come along. Occasionally we have to move to a different venue owing to school holidays, and it would be a shame if you came along on such a week.